RWH & Recharging for Merino Industries Limited

RWH & Recharging for Merino Industries Limited

Our client had decided to recharge ground with as much water every year as it had been extracting for its industries. Simple calculations made us realize that there is not enough Rain Water Collection Areas within 4 industrial plots. So the solution we have worked out is to adopt a few neighboring villages and to ensure that the rain water is collected in the village ponds. Our client paid to convert pathways as open water channels and ponds were cleaned-up as well as adding bore wells for ground re-charging. Based on land surveys and information from Central Ground Water Authority as well as IMD (Indian Metrological Department) we prepared calculations of water that can be collected and according to that we created re-charging pits @ one per acre within industries and two ponds of villages were used for harvesting and re-charging. Water to ponds was routed after newly built settlement tanks. All RWH projects require regular maintenance.
Client: M/s Merino Industries Limited


  • Year : 2016
  • Location : Hapur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Architect : Sunil Kumar Day
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