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About Us

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A few words about us

The Arkitekturel Grids was started by 1976 graduate Sunil Kumar Day in 1993. After his graduation from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, the principal architect left India and worked on prestigious projects of some internationally renowned architects for over 17 years. This vast and positive experience with varied range of projects designed by I.M. Pie of USA; Kenzo Tange of Japan; Sir Basel Spence of UK; TAC of USA and many others, has influenced the principal architect positively. Some of these projects were for influential and resourceful clients while the others were purely to do social justice.

The practice of The Arkitekturel Grids has dependent mainly on obtaining projects by winning competitions and repeat business from clients and their PMC teams and vendors. Also the philosophy of doing repeat projects with clients added to the growth of the practice. It is purely an architectural consultancy firm that is active in Interior and Urban Design also. All relevant services of the building industry are being provided by highly respected specialist consulting engineers of their respective fields. More details are available at

Strength of the firm can be expressed in the following few statements:

International experience in all aspects of Architecture on very wide range of projects.
Proven ability in large as well as small projects.
Commitment of professional integrity; business capacity and artistic ability.
All associate consultants are with versatile national and international experience and among the best in their respective fields.
Very good comprehension of local building Byelaws.
Versatility in project design gives the firm an added advantage over its competitors.
The firm believes that architecture is a social art – design is a collective activity and not a personal.

The firm is successfully providing Green Building design for the proposed as well as existing buildings. We can get certification from different Rating Agencies.


Why choose us as your architect? Simple – for the following 10 reasons:

A1. We do a few projects that we enjoy with deep involvement.

A2. Our very vast experience with educational campuses starting with Yarmuk University in Jordan in 1982 that has an area of 3000 acres and up to the current Indian projects of 27 acres (DPS Meerut) to 550 acres (IIT Mandi) – it is a familiar terrain for us.

A3. Revised Master Planning for existing campus site is also in our recent working domain – Thapar University of 250 acres is total revision after 50 years. Similarly our fee negotiation with Jamia Hamdard for Revised Master Planning of its 90 acre site in South Delhi is in progress.

A4. Our Master Planning skills are demonstrated again and again for about 15 sites in India, varying in area from 20 acre to 550 acres. In all such case, we look into minute details, surroundings, sustainability, users, economy of construction budget and client’s brief.

B5. Green building technology with or without Certifications from different Rating Agencies comes naturally to us. The Doon University Campus at Dehradoon of 90 Acres was a site that was acquired from Forest Department who had planted many hundred trees saplings. Our design was based on saving these trees. Unfortunately the owner gave the project to 2nd best for a lower financial bid!

B6. LEED Platinum Green Rated PCI IT Complex is only the 3rd in Gurgaon. In fact it is the only one that is rated by IGBC on Core & Shell Construction – the other two are by USGBC for complete works including interiors. Achieving Platinum Rating for complete buildings is easier as there are many more fronts to achieve desired score compared to just Core and Shell.

B7. USGBC Listing for Ludhiana Trade Tower aiming for Gold rating is yet another parchment in terms of formal confirmation of our commitment to planet Earth.

B8. We are hoping to gain India’s first Green Rated Educational Campus for a School in Gurgaon. Certification is being obtained from USGBC. It is pertinent to mention here that Green Certification is a very big reflection on the Client’s commitment to energy saving as there is initial extra cost in building up Green rated constructions.

C9. Interior is another of our passions – we keep doing some kind of interior designing and planning at all times for offices, guest houses, institutes, etc. Our constant touch with the field and interior sites keeps us awake about the problems and hick-ups if end – use of the space is not kept in direct vision at planning / concept stages.

C10. We are not contractors. Nor we are turnkey operators, neither directly nor indirectly. Our professional commitment to our client and to our project cannot be compromised with any other interest in PMC, Supplies or Turnkey operations.