Usha Business Center

Usha Business Center

This was a great project that was definitely ahead of its time. The owner of the building was our client. The design was based on concept of international ‘business center’ (not common in India then). Our design was to provide lockable office units that one could lease for a day or months, etc. But all other services such as cafeteria / toilets / grand reception are in common locations. This was the first project where we used Vapor Absorption Cooling system – not only this system was way ahead of its time, it was also very economical to use with variable energy consumption. This also curtailed our electricity load as it was based on gas burners. It was the first such A/c plant installed by Thermax in Delhi. Another project that we are very proud of.


  • Year : 1997
  • Location : New Delhi, Delhi
  • Architect : Sunil Kumar Day
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